What makes Sam a good face painter? 

Samantha Brown is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art- Chicago.  She has loved using her artistic talents since her grandmother used to sit and draw with her as a young child.  She has studied several mediums of art from oil painting to life drawing to graphic design, all of which have sharpened her skills and renewed her passion for creativity.

From 2009 to 2010, Sam worked as the Museum of Science and Industry's face painter.  Although she had painted faces before at a few small events, here she found how much she loved it and how much it suited her: meeting new people, working with kids and drawing all day long.

When she had to leave her job after moving from Chicago, she started her own face painting business to continue doing what she loves.
What makes Sam a great face painter?

Being a great face painter takes more than just the ability to paint a design on a face.  It's not a service, it's an interaction.  Kids love to be engaged with and talked to like equals.  That's when they really open up and have the best time.  Sam tries, despite the responsibilities and activities of being a "grown up" to stay young at heart.  She still loves watching cartoons, going sledding or playing hide-and-seek and reading kids books.  In short, she knows how to be an adult when she needs to and how to be a kid when she doesn't.

Professional Face Painting